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School Keepsakes

October 8, 2012

I debated posting this because it shows how excited I get over organizing, keepsakes, and going to the office supply store. My oldest is in 5th grade and early in his school days I created hanging folders labeled per grade and added them to my file cabinet. Soon I created sets of files for my other two sons as well. They finally filled up a storage box so I felt justified taking a trip to the office supply store.
I picked up three “Really useful boxes” for $20 each. I thought the extra price was worth it when I checked out the cheaper boxes that had hinge lids – some even cracked. These should last a while.

I recently organized my husbands school papers in a binder. I kept in mind what papers of his aged well (photo copies, photos, certificates) and what didn’t (glitter, construction paper, painted art). Those things that were larger than 8.5×11 I either threw out or trimmed. Some stapled projects I unstapled so I could trim them. The items on my ‘don’t age well’ list I put in page protectors or threw out. The other papers I 3 hole punched. Easy enough!

The big self-debate was how to keep the papers from falling all over when the folder was opened. It bothered me that it was hard to look through the papers. In the end I went with two methods. Metal prongs (cheap) and book rings (cost a little more). I liked the rings best – when the folders were opened everything lays flat.

I dusted off my Silhouette for the finally personalizing touches. My finished boxes ready to go back to their spots in their closets. I was thrilled the other night when my middle son wanted to look through his box. I know as adults they might now be interested in my having saved so much but that will be their problem, not mine! And BTW – the idea is this box is all I will save. Plus their stack of photo books (one a year). I could send them off with worse, right?

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  1. October 9, 2012 4:12 am

    That is genius, AnnDee!! I love it! I have saved stuff from all 5 of our children too. I also saved them in the file folders and it drives my bonkers that the papers go everywhere when lookjng thru them. I never would’ve thought to use the binder rings, even tho I have a whole tub of them! lol Thanks for the idea!! I see some reorganization in my near future 😉


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