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It’s about time…Yearbook

June 29, 2011

I figure it’s about time I either retire the blog or post. I’m feeling little crazy tonight so I’m going with Post. Where to begin? I guess with the project I blame for beginning the whole snowball effect.


Yep – I’m the PTO Historian. In normal terms that means take a few pictures throughout the year and come up with a little ‘history’ at the end of the school year to keep on file. For the third year now I’ve turned it into a full blown 36 page yearbook available to all for just above cost. Pictures from all events, most field trips (thanks to parents pictures), class activities, all the school staff, class pictures, and more.

That was May. It’s been a blur since then.

I had great help from others on the committee and the printer did a fabulous job this year. Thanks Minute Man Press! I checked around for other quotes but no one could come near their price. We have a fabulous PTO president who also helped pictures and completed the (seemingly tedious) task of figuring out all the student names.

At the beginning of each year we debate if we are doing it again. By the time they are complete I’m beat and never want to do one again. We’ll see what next Spring brings!

Cover is the finalist in a contest among the fourth graders (our senior grade at the school). Then the teachers vote to narrow to the top three. Then the third graders vote for the finalist! Back covers are also done.

Inside pages are all laid out and filled in FotoFusion. I could not do this project without that software. I can flip through all pages, I can use the image browser to see what images I’ve used (and prevent duplicate), I can easily adjust brightness, crop, zoom and insets.

I use photoshop for pages like Fall Festival and other details but try and keep it simple.

It’s a huge time commitment from taking the pictures, sorting/editing pictures, page design, and press. I look forward to seeing the kids so excited to receive their books and hear about the ones that pour over every page to find themselves and their friends. I can’t use my own boys as a gauge since they hardly notice one is in their backpack…


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