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My Nativities

December 17, 2010

I love the blog Crap I’ve Made. Maybe it’s because my Granmda has always called them “Craps” instead of “Crafts”. Sh’e’s hosting a Nativity Parade where we all get to show off our Natvities. I love to collect them – which I didn’t realize until I notice how many I have.

One my Mom got for us one of the fist years we were married. The kids love to put together the puzzle – fits right inside the manger.

wood puzzle nativity

I bought this one off Etsy for last Christmas and never finished it. I can thank this blog and this post for getting me to finish it this year!

Troy had a work assignment in Isreal a few years ago. My one request is he get me one of these. I should have known he’d pick the biggest one they sell! The hand carved detail on it is amazing!

This is a paper based nativity my Grandma had in her stash. It’s old, it’s a bit torn, but I still enjoy it.

I teach a girls activity group at church and we did this craft for our Christmas night. The girls loved it! They all turned out different.

doll clothes pin nativity

This is one of my firsts! My dear friend Liz and I made these back when we had no kids to chase around and we got to use our free time as we wished.

Daisy Kingdom Nativity

And last but not least is our Little People nativity! It’s a great one for the kids to play with.


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